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  1. Alex Segal

    A beautiful bris. Thank you so much for sharing. I haven’t ever seen one. Mazel Tov to you and your family.

  2. DearRebecca Lee Young Rodrigue

    This is so beautiful, I love learning about the true faith…thanks so much for posting…shalom

  3. Melanie Beaudette

    you’re much louder when you’re near the computer though. it’s a little quiet then you’re standing by the table.

  4. Sam Bezalel Perlman

    Shalom again to everyone. There are a huge amount of Shalom’s we’re getting from all over the world.

  5. Rachel

    I know you read from right to left but does it matter in Hebrew the way you do the strokes of writing the letter? Like writing the stick or the “c” part first. Thanks.

      1. Rachel

        Thank you! In Chinese when we write there’s an actual order we have to write or it is considered “wrong”. Better to start with good habits. LOL

  6. Tara Gordon

    This is great, I love the kabalah of the alphabet. I already know how to read Hebrew and I know some basic conversation. I was wondering if (I think I got an email about this class from or either of those websites (or you!) will send out a later email when we will be getting to conversation? Todah rabah!

    1. Sam Bezalel Perlman

      I believe so. We’ll see what we can do. If you sign up to we will let you know that way.

  7. Melanie Beaudette

    this is helpful because i only know how to write in cursive. i’m trying to practice writing in print!

  8. Starryeyed

    Please try to mention which are cursive letters and which are not, for us beginners. πŸ™‚ Thank you for this!

    1. Timmedico

      The cursive is the one she is writing (and the alef looks a bit different than what you see in printed Torahs and such). The ones we see most often are like אבּ

  9. Aprill Nefores

    I’m having trouble seeing the letters you are writing. There seems to be a glare there on the screen. Are there two aleph’s and two bet’s?

  10. Nikki Polen

    What is the difference between the beis with the little thign underneath and without? (Sorry I forgot the name)

    1. Sam Bezalel Perlman

      Baiz with a dot in middle makes the “b” sound. Without the dot makes the v sound. Is that what you meant to ask?

    1. Sam Bezalel Perlman

      Alef bet wheels by JET. It’s a box of the letters with the vowels under it. There are books also but we need to see which is the best recommended.

    1. Sam Bezalel Perlman

      There’s the raw sound like the baiz has a b sound but then when you add the vowel, it says how to say the b sound like boo, bah, boh…

  11. Baruch Cantor

    Are those cards that your using with the rotational dials underneath them available to be purchased?, if so, where from please…Toda

  12. Melanie Beaudette

    skoiyach! thank you sooooo much! this was wonderful. i already know the aleph beis but i really learned a lot about the history of the letters and different associations with the words connected to them!

  13. Magnetic Contact

    Meeting Rivka at the starbucks was a good thing! (divine appointment) great music! Everything perfect! A Gift ! Thanks ~ Shan

  14. Daryl Paynter

    I was a christian now converting to Judaism.. I have so much to learn and every bit helps. This helps me no end.. thankyou Sam and Rivka

  15. Nikki Polen

    I could totally stay here all night listening, but I prommised my son song and snuggles when class was over. Thank you!

  16. lambofHisflock

    Love this music which is bringing my soul to the throne of worship…. are any of his songs on youtube, since there is no cd? I don’t want to stop listening. πŸ™‚

  17. Daryl Paynter

    I live in the middle of the Outback in Queensland Australia where there are no Jewish Communities nearby.. so the process of converting to Judaism is helped by such devotion to give to others by you Sam and Rivka.. thankyou.. thankyou..

    1. Sam Bezalel Perlman,,, those are the best websites for Jewish learning.

    1. Tikva

      No. Thank you!!! Without you, we would not be here, learning and enjoying this uber amount of amazing. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful night.

  18. Carrie Maresh

    Can’t stay connected, hopefully there will be a youtube video as I would love to see and hear it all. Do love this its wonderful!

  19. Karen Claudio

    Fantastic first class! My heart leaps with joy learning the amazing meanings of the letters.
    Thank you so much for doing this and thank you so much to all involved. Thank you also for the wonderful music.
    I am deeply moved and blessed.

  20. Flaca Cisneros

    Great class thank you!
    2 question if you don’t mind. Sorry if this was addressed and I missed it.

    What is the value of the Dalid? (Not sure of the spelling)

    Where can I find a book like the children’s learning book you used?

    Again thank you!

  21. Pao

    IΒ΄m having a lot of fun! Thanks a lot Rivka!!! I started to learn letters by myself but ItΒ΄s like having a mom teaching me to write like Mom taught me spanish :). I totally love you teaching the regular hebrew letters, because the ones IΒ΄ve taught myself are the ones like in the Torah. Ahavas ha Brios! And IΒ΄ve listen to Garden of Emuna!

      1. Pao

        hi Rivka! I missed the last two classes I looked it up in and in youtube and I can’t find them ?, could you please help me get to the links of the previous classes? I was making so much progress… Thanks, Pao

    1. Rivka Malka Perlman

      HI Pao, Im so glad you asked. The last class is a having a hard time uploading. I keep trying and Ill keep on trying! When its up youll find it on youtube. The class before that is already up on youtube on my channel. Wishing you a great day!

      1. Pao

        Thanks so much Rivka, I already fixed the timezone in my Calendar for SundayΒ΄s 9p.m. Eastern Time (I had it Mountain Time :?… ), just realized. I just watched lesson 5/9 so IΒ΄ve been to half the lessons πŸ˜€ Golden Star!!! And with HashemΒ΄s help will stick to the live class on Sundays!
        Only one favor, could you please remind me of the Booklet that you are using to teach the class? Do you guys sell it? Thanks a lot. IΒ΄m already starting to follow along the vowels, yey!!!

  22. DoctorBrown

    Missed the first class but I will be sure to join the second one if I am allowed to! I will attempt to catch up by watching the recording of the last stream @rivkamalkaperlman:disqus

  23. Paula Cavanaugh Carter (Accent

    Rivka, you won’t believe this, but your first lesson already helped me with my work!!! I was able to read the sounds of a prayer because of what you taught! Coming back next Sunday for more. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  24. corgan

    I loved the lesson. I can’t believe I just learned 5 letters and two vowels in Hebrew. Thank you so much for teaching this.

  25. Sam Bezalel Perlman

    We are going to stop for a moment to work on the video. Sorry for all the technical problems, we hope to be back on shortly. Thank you all for coming!

  26. Sam Bezalel Perlman

    If anyone is interested in hearing Yisroel’s testimony at the end of the class, please let me know.

  27. Karen Claudio

    Fantastic! What a blessing all of you are. Thank you so much to Israel as well for sharing part of his amazing journey with us. I also enjoyed the story of the 100 dollar bill, I have heard it before and it makes an excellent point.

  28. Pao

    Thanks a lot Yisroel for sharing your story, man you made me cry!!! I so much related cause as a child I was just like you, obsessed with the bible and so call “Old Testament”, it took me 27 years to find torah and ejad, since then there’s no way back. My story does not have a happy ending yet caused by Costa Rica not being as open to conversion as US. It’s been since 2009 I follow Hashem and his Torah.

    Thanks so much for the 100 dollar bill story. I needed to hear that!!! I didn’t get the name of the Bro that told it.

    Thanks Rivka, it’s a joy and a relax this class. I am learning a lot!!! Question please, was it the same script and printed for the letters you taught this week?
    Would love to meet you guys in Baltimore, I have a couple friends over there.

    1. Sam Bezalel Perlman

      Mazal Tov means congratulations. You can always say Shalom, everyone uses it to say goodbye and hello.

  29. Rachel

    Remind us again please which one we’ll see in the Torah and which one is used on a daily basis please…script/print. Thanks.

    1. Sam Bezalel Perlman

      They do look different, the differences of the two are which one is meant for the beginning of the word, and which one is meant for the end. But yes, they both are the same letter, just different forms.

  30. Jennifer Woodward

    Thank you for the letting go story… I just logged on at the beginning on this story and needed to hear it.

  31. Sam Bezalel Perlman

    We’ll put up a link at the end of the class again, if you all want to get a copy of this amazing book!

    1. Melanie Huet

      google it. TONS will pop up. We love Shalom Sesame in our home too! You tube, Apple has good apps too if you Search it on the app tool. πŸ™‚

  32. Sam Bezalel Perlman

    Sorry for all of you who cannot see the video. We are restarting the internet, and we’ll be back really soon. Thanks for your patience!

  33. lambofHisflock

    still can’t see it. πŸ™ Just a pic of the back of rivkas wrap and a spinning wheel then says timed out

  34. Sam Bezalel Perlman

    Hello, everybody,sorry for the long wait. Because the internet is not working, we will tape an interactive class, and post it as soon as we’re done. Thanks to everyone who cam to listen!

  35. Adriane De Jesus